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Galaxy MAcau

We are  so glad that Galaxy Macau has the BEST Santa in Macau! It was a happy and unforgettable experience working with Santa Ron during this Christmas season. He is a nice and caring person.

He is extremely careful about his grooming. He curls his beard every morning and puts glitter on it. The children stare at the sparkles when they visit Santa. And he puts on his Blue contact lenses and round frame glasses when we have special events and VIP visitors. 


I’m so happy to be the emcee and translator of charity event programs with Santa Ron and the invited groups of children. All the little kids have fun with Santa - the first that they had ever seen! Santa Ron’s story telling sessions are awesome! Kids were focusing on what Santa was saying even some of them did not understand English all that well.  The youngsters were attracted by the photos reindeer. Santa’s body language and voice were amazing.  We are so pleased that he came to spend Christmas with us.


-- Jessica Chan, Senior Executive in Production in Entertainment Services

(January 2018)

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