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Raleigh Christmas Parade

Santa Ron has been our Raleigh Christmas Parade Santa for  years.  The 65,000+ children and families attending the parade  in person and 250,000 viewers watching at home love him. Santa Ron made the parade even more spectacular when he presented the idea for him to stand up in his giant sleigh/parade float and waive to each and every one of the parade viewers! Along with Santa Ron standing in the Sleigh, we added a microphone and sound system for him to say “Ho, Ho, Ho” and the crowd loves it.


Santa Ron attends all invites to local radio and television stations to promote the parade.  He is a consummate professional who is very conscientious. Santa Ron is serious about bringing the true spirit of Christmas to young and old alike! Santa Ron is a joy to work with.


-- Jennifer B. Martin, Executive Director of the Raleigh Christmas Parade (July 2016)

Christmas in July, UNC Children's Hospital

Thank you again Santa Ron for a wonderful Christmas In July. I always wondered how Rudolph's nose turned red! ;) Your interactive storytelling and ability to connect with kids one-on- one and in larger groups -- no small

feat! --  was incredibly heartwarming to see.


Each child had his or her moment to shine, and yet you were able to engage the entire group throughout. You're truly an artist, and we are so grateful that you shared your craft with us. I know these children will cherish their memories of Santa Ron long after the batteries in their Fart Blaster toys run out (or mysteriously disappear...). :) 

Thank you so much for bringing smiles and joy to the in-patient pediatric units of UNC

Children's Hospital.

-- Meredith Izlar, MSW, Family Assistance Coordinator, Me Fine Foundation, Inc. (July 2016)

Words cannot truly express how wonderful and special Santa Ron is! I not only had the honor, but also had the privilege of witnessing Santa Ron in action.  In less than a few minutes, he had the children, who were not only anxious but who also didn't feel well (we were involved in a Charity event called Christmas in July at UNC Hospital) feel safe, happy and even giggled in laughter for a long while which enabled them to completely forgot the pain and suffering they were feeling!


Watching these precious children sit and listen to THE Santa was truly amazing! He told stories and showed pictures of the North Pole and the different reindeer, sang Christmas carols and just kept the children captivated! I know I witnessed something beyond extraordinary today and the experience truly touched my life! Santa Ron even had the adults captivated and made us feel like children again on Christmas morning!


Santa Ron is truly an amazing Santa and he brings out the kid on Christmas morning in all of us!

-- Melanie Rivers, Me Fine Foundation, Inc. (July 2016)

Cameron Village Shopping Center

Santa Ron has served as our shopping center ( Santa for many years. He has served our

audience well and as a bonus, brings along his loyal following of parents and children.


The children recognize him as the real thing! He is excellent in both temperament and look. Santa Ron and Mrs. Claus both engage the children and adults with their charm, loving words and actions. Santa and Mrs. Claus are professional in every sense and I’m sure you will be pleased with them. 

-- Pat Boyle, CMD, Executive Directo Cameron Village Merchants’ Association (December 2015)

Ole Time Winter Festival

Santa Ron is absolutely the real deal! The Heart of Cary Association has been using him for the past 10 years at our annual Ole Time Winter Festival and several other events that we organized in Downtown Cary NC. Over the last 10 years we have had families that come back every year just so they can get their official Christmas photograph with Santa and Mrs Claus. The twinkle in Santa Ron's eyes is priceless. His smiles and facials are amazing.


He takes his time with the little ones that are so scared of him and eventually they will end up on his knee. The magical Santa ring and key, the bells, the book readings, his authentic beard and bald head are all just a part of what Santa Ron brings to the events. His interaction with the children and adults is phenomenal.


-- Joy Pike, Winter Festival Director (December 2015)

Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Coke hired Santa Ron and Mrs. Claus to be with Fayetteville Walmart for their special "Operation Homefront," reuniting  troops with their familiesand young children at Fort Bragg.  Outstanding success. Santa Ron was full of joy bringing Christmas warmth to the reunited families. Mrs. Claus made baby “Rudolph the Baby Reindeer” out of spaghetti balloons and gave one to each child. Santa Ron and Mrs. Claus made Operation HomeFront an outstanding success.    


--Sara Norton, Coca Cola Bottling Company Customer Development Manager (November 2015)

J&S Photography

It has been a pleasure to work with Santa Ron for the past 5 years.  He is always ready to amaze children and charm parents.  Santa Ron never breaks character and everyone leaves believing he is the “real deal.”  Not

only is he a great Santa, he is also fun and easy to work with. Santa Ron gets out of his seat, interacts with the children and really poses for the camera: something you don’t find in a lot of Santas in my experience.  With Santa Ron you

get the whole package.


-- Jen Happ, owner J&S Photography (November 2015)

J. Marie Photography

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Santa Ron and Mrs. Claus during my annual Santa portrait sessions. The experience provided by both Santa and Mrs. Claus was unparalleled to any other live performers I've worked with. They both bring such magic and joy to the room! My clients were beyond thrilled with the experience. Every detail from the costumes to the photos of Santa with his reindeer were perfect.


I photographed children under the age of 5 years old and the calm and loving demeanor of Santa Ron was incredible. Mrs. Claus has a way of calming small children's fears of something new. It is without question, there are no

better live performers available to work with and I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and commitment ensuring children and adults have a magical Christmas season.

-- Jessica Edwards, Owner, J. Marie Photography (November 2015)

Personal Reviews

Santa and his wife were excellent! My family had the best time and our friends at our daughter’s birthday. This experience will be truly the best memory they were all overjoyed with his appearance. Thanks again for

helping us make wonderful memories.

-- Jackie S. (November 2015)

We held an outdoor, evening event for our neighborhood Christmas party. We had everything set up under the picnic shelter. The venue worked really well, as kids could play on the playground equipment, make cookies and

ornaments, while they waited for Santa to arrive. When Santa and Mrs. Claus,arrived, they brought jingle bells and handed them out to the kids.


Everyone was so excited to see them! We sang Christmas carols and Mrs. Claus read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Santa showed pictures of his reindeer and took some time for some Q&A from the kids. Everyone had the chance to see Santa, take pictures, and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. I can't even begin to tell you all of the positive reviews we had from attendees...all I know is that this will now be an annual event! Thank

you so much!

-- Sarah L. ( January 2015)

Santa Ron is the Real Santa!! Everything about him is exactly what I imagined Santa to be...from his real beard, to his voice, to his beautiful outfit... I felt like I was in Miracle on 34th Street!The kids just loved him!! He sang Christmas carols and read stories was amazing!! He and Mrs. Claus were a joy to work with and I will never have another Santa lunch without him!! No Santa Delivers Like Santa Ron and Mrs Claus!

-- Lizzy F. (January 2015)

I've lived in Raleigh my entire life and there is no Santa that delivers like Santa Ron! His Christmas spirit is contagious and when you see him in action, you'll believe he's the real Santa. Our kids have gone to watch him over the years at the Raleigh Christmas parade and Quail Ridge Books, and we've even had him visit our house with a few other families. He has truly blessed our Christmas seasons with his joyful, fun and authentic spirit. Santa Ron owns, knows, and respects the role of Santa Claus unlike any Santa I've seen.

-- Carson S. (October 2014)

Santa Ron is the best Santa ever. I have been working with him for over 10 years. He is awesome with the kids and we just love for him to read T'was the Night before Christmas - the children are in awe of him. The photos that are taken with him are priceless. We have families that come back every year to our Festival to have their picture taken with him. We love Santa Ron!

-- Joy P. (September 2014)

Santa Ron has been coming to an annual Christmas party for our children and their friends for the past several years. He is, by far, the best Santa Ever! Last year he came complete with photos of him and the reindeer getting all prepared for their big flight. He takes great photos, is incredible with kids and parents alike, and has a genuine Santa beard! It would not be Christmas without Santa Ron!

-- David S. (September 2014)

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